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Kamran Diba


Name: Kamran Diba

Kamran Diba

Kamran Diba Solar thirty paintings in the final years of the decade (decades fifty AD) began. American schools in America to learn the art of drawing and painting a day is associated with cognition.
Diba's first work in America «Abstract expressionisme» or other words "New York School" has been caused. Diba in exile but also the relationship with the Iranian culture and traditions have been preserved. Although the works mentioned in the form and content clearly Antzayand, decorating and painting the lines and pages are also supported. The indirect impact on these things, "Mark Ratk" Linear and practices, "Mark Tobey" expressionistic brush with violence seen.
Kamran Diba periods and stylistic diversity of the work is completed.Diba deep bond with his cultural roots have led to the Pvyە Hnryash in search of cultural identity, the remote is in line with other Iranian artists.
It's his most loved artists. Tanavoli, Zndhrvdy and later of his close friends were Hajizadeh.
The artwork Diba's events were all new and known boundaries of art beyond the day went. His first exhibition in almost three hundred and forty thousand in the second half decades in the gallery Seyhoun called "open water adept," was the work of new and multimedia.was recorded continuously and repeatedly ran at the exhibition space.
Water drop Mychkd
A drop. . .
Two drops. . .
. . .
One of the highlights of his artist friends to participate in this work. Thanks to the inspiration of this line is Pylaram Ghazaleh Alizadeh was late.
Diba Early next decade, three hundred and fifty thousand, and was held in his gallery.Volunteers on the platform of sports heroes - the Diba it was borrowed from the physical education time - Myaystadnd and Ahmed Best (Diba photographer and friend) took pictures of their shoes.
Diba also collaborated in the design of the park lights and Niavaran Parviz Tanavoli utilized. For these two projects commissioned by Diba Tanavoli six sculptures made from ordinary people in real sizes. Installation of the statue of its kind in these places was something new and revolutionary. Until then, the sculptures were installed in public places in a well-known and important people. Past the statue of the cases were completely normal and everyday. Sitting or lying on the ground who was standing to one side and people would watch, one in the corner reading a book, the things that everyday people are in public spaces.
Diba has also lived in two worlds of art and architecture. He has tried to paint from life Hnryash with art and cultural institutions established to promote art and artists in the field provided.

Karim Emami of the Encyclopaedia Iranica Diba as an architect, painter and taught art as a catalyst, a person who expedited the process of developing trends in art.
Aside from that Diba is the architect and founding director of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art has been.It works directly with more choice and responsibility is his. The museum already has in his latest work of art and culture, which fortunately still remains alive and well.
After the revolution, many of them local or unsigned Diba moved in and was basically unknown Nbvdshan. After the revolution, he continued to paint and has a specified period of art.
What we have today ahead of Tuesday Dsthand: 1 - I failed 2 - flowery 3 - Iran
The main motif of work all three categories, women and social violence, but it is interesting that none of these graphs are not on the heavy rough. Forms, colors and vibrant and joyful words in Brgrdarndhy Tnzgvnhay think that the incident bottom and funny writing sentences to peak. Bare spaces and simple skirt style to the paintings themselves.
Sometimes we see the words that seem familiar but they look old. For example, the phrase "I failed" phrase is a footnote to the literature at least four decades ago, the words "history" if they create an atmosphere Nstalzhyk. Even the images of women in the painting reminds Brydhhay Qdymyand fiction magazines. First on the panel surfaces by a distance less than the Dydaryand But when they read the newspapers remain Brydhhay events page.This paradox exists in the writings of all three categories. The contrast between the tragic and shocking news of events and pots full of colorful flowers and the contradiction between the concepts of power and women. This is essentially a contradiction in life is now. Every day we're faced with it again and perhaps less to do it.
The paintings are always flowery piece of post accident near the pot full of flowers with cheerful colors and styles seen. Graphics that make a space in mind with the concepts of "family center" receptive relaxation and "house" is in the link.Normal everyday people and the views are familiar, for excitement and escape from the monotony Lazmand lives.

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1 - The Architects Journal, No. 10, Autumn 1379, Page 14.
2 - Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume II, 1978, Page 642.
3 - If you have those things that are certainly or probably caused Byamzayy Dybast sending a picture of the effect can be identified to provide it. If the effect is of Diba, the image will be printed in a book collection of his works.

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