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Golnaz Afraz


Name: Golnaz Afraz
Birth: 1981, Tehran - Iran
M.A & B.A in Painting

Golnaz Afraz

Iranian Painters Society
My paintings are as a world where things and thoughts were so worn that their bumps appear completely smooth and as invisible. This world is palpable, and known by everyone as the ordinary life. For me, this world is as a set of small detail chosen by accident in different scenes sometimes repetitive. My daily images can come true in my paintings with the addition of scenes, fragment. Each of these scenes are a fragment that's a complete work. Actually this world is solely a unity of a broken image of the daily scenes. I mean a fragmented daily life. I view my daily life this way.
"I think one of the major differences between the eyesight of an artist and the eyesight of other is what artists view in fragment. They are tempted to be biased in their view."
Clae Oldenburg

Solo Exhibition

2011 Mah Gallery - Tehran
2008 Mah Gallery - Tehran

Group Exhibition

2005 Ashian-e-Naghsh & Mehr
2005 Mehrin Gallery
2005 Arte Gallery
2006 Annual Drawing - Karaj
2006 the 4th Painting Biennal of the Islamic World
2006 Mah Gallery, 5 Young Artists - Tehran
2007 Hand Print exhibition, Tarrahane Azad Gallery
2007 Mah Gallery, An Impressive Representation by 50 Artists - Tehran
2007 Art space - Galleries London
2007 Association of Iranian Painters exhibition, Sa`ad Abad Cultural & Historic Center
2008 the 7th Painting Biennial of Iran in Saba Cultural & Artistic Institute
2008 Creek Art Fair - Dubai
2008 Mah Gallery, An Impressive Representation by 50 Artists - Tehran


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