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Omid Shayan


Name: Omid Shayan
Birth: 1979, Neyshabour - Iran
B.A in Painting from Faculty of Fine Arts - Tehran University

Omid Shayan

Continuous Member of Society of Iranian Painters Continuous Member of Institute Visual Arts


Winner in drawing, 3rd Persbook Art Contest , 2012
Awarded the excellent student prize, faculty of Fine Arts, 2003
Awarded Excellent Degree of Calligraphy, 2000

Solo Exhibition

1999- Painting Exhibition - Neyshabour
2003- Kamal-al-Molk Art Gallery - Neyshabour
2004- Faculty of Fine Arts (titled: Human Friendship) - Tehran University
2006- Kamal-al-Molk Art Gallery- Tehran
2008- Shahrzad Art Gallery- Tehran
2009- Mah Art Gallery – Tehran
2011- Mah Art Gallery – Tehran
2013- Mah Art Gallery - Tehran

Group Exhibition

1991- Attended the Exhibition of Children Painting - Tehran
2000- Attended the Calligraphy Exhibition - Shahr-e-Kord
2002- Attended the Calligraphy Exhibition - Neyshabour
2005- Behzad Art Gallery
2005- Saba Art Gallery (Exhibition of Nature from East Painter's View)
2006- Atashzad Art Gallery (Contemporary Drawing Exhibition of Iran)
2007- Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum (Exhibition of Young Art)
2007- Saba Art Gallery (Exhibition of New Art)
2008- Saba Art Gallery (Biennial of Contemporary Iranian Painting)
2008- Niyavaran (Society of Iranian Painters)
2008- Aghili Art Gallery (50 Paintings-50 Painters)
2008- Palace of Niyavaran (the Exhibition of New Painters-homa art gallery)
2009- Art Expo - Tehran
2009- Mah Art Gallery – Tehran
2010-Iran Artists House (Society of Iranian Painters)-Tehran
2011- Artin Art Gallery- Mashhad
2011- Art Dubai - Dubai
2012- Iran Artists House (Society of Iranian Painters)- Tehran
2012- Golestan Art Gallery- 100 paintings 100 artists- Tehran
2012- The first painting & sculpture annual exhibition of Iranian artists forum- Tehran
2012- Without Border 3 - 3rd Persbook Art Contest – Iran Artists House
2013- Another Birth- freya art gallery-Tehran


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