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Hossein Kashian


Name: Hossein Kashian
Birth: 1942, Tehran

Hossein Kashian

Mr.Hossein Kashian was born in 1942 in tehran.After obtaining high school diploma he managed to graduate from iranian calligraphy association in 1967. In 1979 high council of culture and Art awarded him art Diploma, grade 2. Having 40 years of experience in art he has managed participate in varrous felds of iranian oainting ( miniature ), oil color, and calligraphy. He has led fruitful artistic life by participating in 56 group and individual exhibitions ( 28 group exhibitions, 11 individual exhibitions in iran, and 17 group\individual international exhibitions in Egypt,Pakistan,Biannual Exhibition of bangladesh, Biannual Exhibition of algeria, Paris, Germany, USA, 4 times in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2 times in Switzerland, China and Dubai ). in the first international biannual exhibition of Algeria, he managed to gain silver medal in the field of painting.For 2 years he was director of Tehran contemporary Art Musem. He has been one of the founders of iranian Visual arts and has served as art expert in visual arts center of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education for 12 years.

Solo Exhibition

1969, West Youth Palace: Oil Color Exhibition, Tehran
1979, Behzad Gallery: Natural Design Exhibition, Tehran
1985, Neishabour: Natural Design Exhibition
1985, Meshed: Natural Design Exhibition
1985, Ghouchan: Natural Design Exhibition
1986, Anzali: Natural Design Exhibition
1986, Rasht: Natural Design Exhibition
1986, Roudbar: Natural Design Exhibition
1987, Zahedan: Natural Design Exhibition
1990, Bandar Abbas: Water Color and Painting Exhibition
1994, Kotolous Gallery: Natural Design Exhibition, Tehran

Group Exhibition

1967, Iran Bastan Modern Museum: Script Exhibition, Tehran
1970, Shoush Youth Palace: Painting Exhibition, Tehran
1972, Fine Arts Faculty Hall: Script Exhibition, Tehran
1972, Sharif (Ariamehr) University of Technology: Script Exhibition, Tehran
1972, Mehr Shah Gallery: Script Exhibition, Tehran
1979, Contemporary Art Museum: Miniature Painting, Tehran
1985, Poetry and Literature Congress: Script Exhibition, Isfahan
1985, 1985, Niavaran Cultural Center: Painting Exhibition, Tehran
1985, Niavaran Cultural Center: Painting Exhibition, Tehran
1986, Bojnourd: Script Exhibition
1987, First International Book Fair: Script Exhibition, Tehran
1987, Contemporary Art Museum: Graphics Exhibition of Tehran Designers, Tehran
1988, Hafiz World Congress: Script Exhibition, Shiraz
1988, Contemporary Art Museum: Script Exhibition, Tehran
1989, Nour Gallery: Water Color Exhibition, Tehran
1989, Iran Calligraphers Association: Script Exhibition, Sari
1990, Gorgan: Painting And Script Group Exhibition of Gonbad City
1992, West Azerbaijan: Painting Group Exhibition of Orumieh, 1992
1992, Park Var: Painting Group Exhibition, Tehran, 1992
1993, Seihoun Gallery: Painting Group Exhibition, Tehran, 1993
1993, Painting Group Exhibition of Exhibitions Organization: Tehran, 1993
1993, First Conference of Iranian Poetry,Literature and Art: Water Color Group Exhibition of Exhibitions Organization, Tehran
1993, Neda Gallery: Painting Group Exhibition Contemporary of Iran Exhibition, Tehran,
1993 Zarrabi Gallery: Painting Group Exhibition Contemporary of Iran Exhibition,
1993, Iran Art Gallery: Founders of Visual Art Exhibition, Tehran
1996, Visual Arts Exhibition of International, Tehran
1996, Exhibitions Organization: Tehran
1996, Contemporary Art Museum: International Islam World Exhibition of Calligraphy, Tehran
1996, Contemporary Art Museum: Iran Painting Group Biennale Exhibition, Tehran

International Exhibitions

1972, Egypt (Cairo): Script Group Exhibition
1977, Pakistan (Lahore): Script Group Exhibition
1985, Bangladesh: Dhaka Biennale International Exhibition
1987, Algeria: Algeria Biennale International Exhibition, 1987 (Winner of Silver Medal in Visual Arts and Miniature)
1988, Algeria: Iranian Artists Group Exhibition
1988, Paris (Hafiz Congress): Script Artists Group Exhibition
1989, Germany (Hamburg): Individual Script and Painting Exhibition
1990, USA (New York): Individual Script and Painting Exhibition
1990, USA (New Jersey): Individual Script and Painting Exhibition
1992, USA (Los Angeles): Individual Script and Painting Exhibition
1993, USA (San Francisco): Hourian Gallery Group Exhibition
1996, Bosnia (Tolza & Sarajevo): Individual Art Works Exhibition
1997, Switzerland: Tourists Group Exhibition
1997, China (International Exhibition): Iranian Artists Group Exhibition
1998, Dubai: Iranian Artists Group Exhibition
2000, Armenia (Irevan): National Museum of Armenia): Script and Painting
2001, Romania (National History Museum of Romania): Script and Painting


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