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Jafar Rouhbakhsh


Name: Jafar Rouhbakhsh
Birth: 1938, Tehran

Diploma from Fine Art College, Tehran
BA in Decorative Painting and Interior Decoration, Fine Art Department, Tehran University
MA in decorative painting and interior decoration, Fine Art Department, Tehran University

Solo Exhibition

1964 First solo exhibition
1966 Special exhibition at the Television hall and College of Fine Arts
1968 Brujeni Gallery
1970 Negar Gallery
1971 Mess Gallery
1972-74     National Museum of Iran
1973 Special exhibition in Lautrec and Tehran Galleries
1944 Paris Grand Exhibition
1974-75     Painting and Lithographic exhibitions in Mag Foundation, Paris
1975 Special exhibition in Cyrus Gallery, Paris
1976 Belle Chazde Gallery, Paris
1976 Rojonegro Gallery, Madrid
1978 Shahr Gallery
1980 Lito Gallery
1982 Ketabsara Press
1984 Museum of Modern Arts, Tehran
1986 Seyhoon Gallery
1989 Noghreh Press
1990 Negar Gallery
1992 Montro
1993-1996 Annual exhibitions in the grand international “Overoft,’ Annual participation in special exhibitions in Antique hall (until 1995), Lozano; Ushtat Gallery, Bern
1993 Aqum Gallery, Neon
1994 Bern
Last exhibition: Late 1995, early 1996 in Bern  

Group Exhibition

Rouhbakhsh started his career in arts at Reza Abbasi Gallery and Farhang Gallery
From 1964-1996 he participated in more than 40 group and solo exhibitions inside and outside Iran, from Tehran to Madrid, Bern, Geneva, Zurich and Paris
1959 Two group exhibitions in Abbasi and Farhang Galleries
1967 Group exhibition in Paris biennale
1969 Tehran biennale
1975 Participation in Asian Group Exhibition
1995 participation in group exhibitions in Bern, Switzerland until the beginning of 1996


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